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Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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MSN is Microsoft’s old instant messenger client, as starting with Windows Vista/7 you can install the newest version of Windows Live Messenger. This MSN Password hacker is not actually a program that lets you “hack” into someonelse’s MSN account or recover their password. No, what it really does is helps you recover your password for MSN messenger if you are still on the computer where MSN was used and you have had the checkbox “Remember my password” enabled when you logged in before losing your password.

So this is not a tool to hack into someone’s msn/hotmail account, but merely a password revealer. Furthermore, this version is a trial so if you install it you’ll be able to reveal only the first 2 characters of your password (assuming that it finds it on your computer), payment being required if you want to reveal the whole password. Trust me, this program doesn’t deserve paying for, as there are already several other alternatives one of which being Nirsoft’s freeware tool called MessenPass. So save yourself the trouble and download MessenPass as it will pretty much do the same thing.

However, if you indeed lost your MSN password and you’ve reinstalled your system or for some reason you don’t have access to the computer where you had it installed and logged in from, there is only one safe way to recover your MSN password – actually recovering your Hotmail password. Microsoft provides a step-by-step wizard for recovering your password, which you can access by visiting - you’ll be asked to provide some details so if you remember those you will be able to recover the password.

Summing up, the program featured here, MSN Password Hacker, has a misleading title as it will only partially reveal the password stored on your computer only if when logging in before losing your password, you had the option “Remember my password” checked. So if you want to hack into your ex-girlfriend’s Hotmail or MSN account and you are looking for a tool to do that, this program for sure won’t be able to do it (not to mention that you have serious issues :) ).

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MSN password recovery program recovers stored login information (when the "Remember Password" check box is checked) on the msn messenger windows. Instantly decrypts MSN login passwords with any length and complexity. It support all major versions of MSN messenger. Software does not require any special technical skills to operate it. It is useful for those users who have created multiple email accounts and lost their login password.

Find msn password Features

* Crack msn password tool retrieve Hotmail or MSN Messenger passwords for your local computer.

* MSN messenger password recovery recover forgotten, lost or saved passwords to all MSN and Hotmail accounts.

* Support to all major MSN explorer versions with fully support multilingual password.

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* MSN Explorer Password Recovery is the best MSN password finder that quickly recovers lost or forgotten saved passwords from MSN Explorer.

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* All passwords are recovered instantly, regardless of the length of passwords.

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System Requirements:

32Mb RAM, 6Mb disk space, any Windows OS

MSN Password Hacker Software  Free Download screenshot